Integration with POS, E-commerce, Data Warehouse, etc.



The application can import data in two ways:
  › in real time, as soon as your customers pays at the POS or e-commerce application;
  › or it can occur at a later time, via importation of data collected from different types of files that would be shared between your software and the Ioio Bonus application.

Some scenarios are liste below.

We can use any API (Application Programming Interface) that your business already possesses embedded in your software, or we can develop a web service specifically designed to match your needs.
Your business can upload different types of electronic files like CSV, TXT, XML, EXCEL, etc. We will alter our importation process to match your needs.
Your system would send files via a POST script, and the Ioio Bonus app would process these file as they arrive in our servers.
Your system would periodically send electronic files for processing, and the Ioio Bonus app would consume the data accordingly.
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